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Focal Bathys Review

Focal Bathys Review

The Focal Bathys headphones can be seen as a celebration of great design using current state-of-the-art audio technology. Equipped with high quality materials, impeccable construction and a delightful audio experience they slot into the fiercely competitive world of headphones A great comparison of the aural wonders of these headphones this ear gives it its flying sound, a little word. While enthusiasts aim for striking features and parallel functionality in this respect concludes that the Focal Bathys headphones are an appealing product achieved on the way to perfection in sound.

Focal Bathys Review: All Of Features

Focal Bathys Review


  • Design: open and closed back
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1, Jack, and USB
  • Noise Cancellation: Active with Silent/Soft modes
  • Battery: Over 30 hour
  • Fast Charging Time: 15 minutes
  • Weight: 2.61 pounds
  • Jack: 3.5mm single-ended jack

We absolutely love our Focal Bathys Over-Ear Hi-Fi Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with sharp noise cancellation! Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth 5.1 Multipoint, the new wired connectivity via the standard 3.5mm jack or USB-C port gives us unlimited access to whatever we want to connect at all times, not much of a stuck power source required by default everywhere lately anyway!

The idea of ​​noise canceling technology is truly amazing, especially when it comes to our listening experience After all, some of us want to be fully immersed in our music, while others need a more transparent way how so that we don’t lose our way outside or leave the laptop with almost no sound system due to exhaustion. Bathys can be used for all of this and much more, as it meets both needs perfectly. The aluminum-magnesium construction not only ensures pure sound reliability, but also durability and light weight.

The actual leather and microfiber headbands are very soft and comfortable adding a gentle touch to this design makes it more stylish and sophisticated. Of course, it’s not just the minor material details that are noticed – it makes no sense for any designer to focus on the magnesium and aluminum incorporated into their construction. Being able to spend more than 30 hours in Bluetooth and active noise canceling mode is also something we like about battery life. A 15-minute charge will give you more than 5 hours of listening because its fast charging is another game changer.

Focal speaker drivers, proudly said to have been made in France, deliver distinctive sound, the high-tech features of the headphones from this manufacturer with the possibility of finely adjusting our listening patterns according to the rhythm of our music. The Focal Bathys headphones have truly proven to exceed our wildest dreams with the unique design, unmatched comfort and amazing technology it offers to give us great audio quality no arrival date.

Focal Bathys Review

Focal Bathys Review

What We Like

  • Amazing Sound Quality
  • Built-In DAC & Amplifier
  • Comfortable to Use
  • Fast Charging
  • Long Battery

What We Don’t Like

  • Little Sound Leakage

Focal Bathys Review: Build, Design & Comfort

When you plug in the Focal Bathys, you will find an exclusive pair of headphones These are carefully crafted headphones with a beautiful combination of high quality materials, such as magnesium, genuine leather with steel a simplicity coupled with a shared design this company’s stylish open-back-closed headphones combine beauty with functionality. The curves and contours have been carefully crafted to create not only visual pleasure but also a soothing ear.

Focal ended up making sure the Focal Bathys’ headphones were well designed. Speaker drivers designed in French made of aluminum and magnesium “M”-shaped domes highlight the need for unprecedented service to audio performance highlights that the headphones are well balanced in terms of power and comfortably, allowing users to enjoy a rich tactile sensation.

Focal Bathys Review: Audio Quality

The Focal Bathys’ audio prowess is what makes those speakers a true landmark. Licensed speaker drivers are a dirty and addictive audioscape. Advanced dynamic noise cancellation technology (Silent/Soft) enhances psychedelic acoustic pleasure, while providing clean, tuned tone for external distractions and background noise very quiet Transparency mode provides adequate functionality, allowing users to interact with their surroundings while viewing excellent audio. It supports codecs including SBC, AAC, and Apt X, and as a result, is compatible with most networks seen by different audiences.

Focal Bathys Review: Fast Charging & Battery

Enjoy uninterrupted listening pleasure with the impressive battery life of the Focal Bathys, which can last for over 30 hours in Bluetooth and passive noise canceling mode The device’s fast charge functionality allows you to get 5 hours of listening time with a 10 minutes charge. This long battery life makes the Bathys the perfect companion for long-term listening and even on the go.

Focal Bathys Review: Leakages

In terms of audio perfection, there happens to be a slight backlash on the Bathys as it can be very susceptible to acoustic leakage, especially at higher volumes this should; It doesn’t seriously affect the overall experience. While this doesn’t have a huge impact on the overall experience, if users perceive that sound is completely isolated, it will need to be commented on how well it’s able to go

Focal Bathys Review: Should Buy?

We consider Focal Bathys a very good choice if you appreciate superior design and superior construction, combined with excellent and highly engaging audio. High-end features, patented speaker drivers, and sophisticated features, including the sound’s sharp noise cancellation and clear routing, make for a stylish yet versatile listening experience If it works a, Focal Bathys have incredible battery life, fast charging performance, and are compatible with many codecs Which means they are also great when you have to use them on a long trip.

However, you should consider the minor concern mentioned about sound flow if complete separation of sounds is what you want. If this is an important feature for you, it might be worth saying so in contrast to the popularity of these headphones. Overall, if the highlighted features and qualities in the review satisfy your desires, while you can cope with some sound leakage, the Focal Bathys headphones should be a good buy for a mesmerizing audio experience combined with performance design

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