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Sony WH-CH520 Review – Best Personal Exploration

Sony WH-CH520 Headphones Review

Welcome to my Sony WH-CH520 review. To know more about the Sony WH-CH520 Review, complete my informative Review. Greetings, fellow tech enthusiasts! Today, let’s dive into the listening wonders of the Sony WH-CH520 headphones. As your trusted partners at ARN Tech Pro, we’re excited to guide you on an authentic journey, revealing the nuances and features that make these headphones unique.

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Sony WH-CH520 Review

Packaging and accessories: Hope when the WH-CH520 is unboxed. Sony doesn’t just offer headphones; It’s the hands-on experience. Inside, find not only headphones, but a curated ensemble that includes an audio cable, USB charging cable, and your roadmap to audio bliss – a user manual.

All Features

Sony WH-CH520 Review
  • Easy wireless connectivity: Elevate your listening experience with the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Audiophile-grade audio: Sony’s commitment to superior sound is embodied in the WH-CH520 which promises to be a beautiful and immersive listening journey.
  • Extended playback: With nearly 20 hours of playback, these headphones are your steady companions for your entire band of the day.
  • Ergonomic comfort: Designed earbuds and comfortable fabric provide a cocoon of comfort, inviting you to lose yourself to your favorite music.
  • Effective Connectivity: Seamlessly switch between your music and calls with the built-in microphone, adding more features.

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Sony WH-CH520 Review
Sony WH-CH520 Review

Design and build quality: Let’s talk aesthetics. The WH-CH520 isn’t just sweet; That sounds nice too. The design seamlessly marries style with function. Lightweight yet durable, these headphones are a testament to Sony’s commitment to product quality.

Excellence in noise cancellation: While it doesn’t boast active noise cancellation, the WH-CH520 covers your ears well and provides a level of passive noise isolation Immerse yourself in your music undisturbed by the outside world.

Audio Performance: Now, let’s talk about the soul of these headphones – the audio. Sony’s audio heritage is evident in the performance of the WH-CH520. From high-pitched vocals to thundering bass, find a balanced soundtrack with your favorite genres.

Connectivity & Battery Life: Bluetooth connectivity ensures a smooth and tangle-free experience. 20 hours of battery life means you have your music all day. The inclusion of a USB charging cable adds a touch of modern convenience to your listening rituals.

Durability: These headphones aren’t just here and now; They have been cheated for a long time. While noticeably heat-resistant, the WH-CH520’s carefully designed construction and quality materials ensure it can withstand frequent, moderate storms.

All Of Pros And Cons


  1. Wireless Magic
  2. Sonic Brilliance
  3. Enduring Playback
  4. Comfort Redefined
  5. Communication Hub


  1. Quiet on the Noise Front
  2. Durability in Moderation

How to Set Up?

  1. Power On/Off: Accept your listening journey by holding the power button until the indicator light dances to life or fades.
  2. Pairing mode: Hold the power button for a brief 7 seconds and connect to the Bluetooth location until a blinking light indicates pairing mode.
  3. Charge the Symphony: Connect your headphones with a USB cable to connect to the headphones and a power source.
  4. Answering calls: Seamlessly switch between your music odyssey and incoming calls with a press of the power button.

Customer FAQ

Q: Do these headphones go all over the ear or just over the ear? . A: Hi Leah, Thank you for your question. The WH-CH520 is an over-the-ear headphone. If you are looking over the whole ear, I would suggest the WH-CH720N, WH-1000XM4 and WH-1000XM5. With the WH-CH520 headphones, you’ll enjoy high quality sound all day long. To meet the demands of your day with up to 50 hours of battery life, stable connectivity and enhanced call performance. I hope this helps you, thanks again for your questions! – (Sony WH-CH520 Review)

Q: Is the hair adjustable? A: Hi Stephanie; Thank you for your question. Yeah. Our WH-CH520 features a slider that you can use to adjust the length of the hair for a better fit and a more comfortable listening experience. Designed for all day comfort. Not only is the design beautiful, but it’s built with ease of use in mind. The lightweight construction and rounded ear cup slide gently, while the adjustable headband, cushion and soft ear pads keep you comfortable all day long.-(Sony WH-CH520 Review)

Q: What is the difference between the WHCH520/W and the WH-CH520W.CE7 Model? A: Hi Mider, . Thank you so much for your question. The WH-CH520W.CE7 is a European model and the WHCH520/W is a US model. picture. With the WH-CH520 headphones, you’ll enjoy high quality sound all day long. To meet the demands of your day with up to 50 hours of battery life, stable connectivity and enhanced call performance. – (Sony WH-CH520 Review)

Q: Can the sony ch520 wireless headphones connect to two devices without installing or using the Sony app? A: Actually, I plan to bring back the Sony. The Sony app requires an account and a group of software to install for better sound. I tried everything, but still nothing. I wrote to Sony for help and never heard back. I would not tell anyone to buy this product. Combining brown teeth usually takes only a few minutes, sometimes seconds. Without all of Sony’s junk apps, the headset won’t connect via Bluetooth. Thanks for the Amazon quiz as I forgot to return it.

I advise you to go elsewhere for headphones. Where that doesn’t require an app to work with Bluetooth. I love my Sony wired headsets, which is why I bought the BT version. I was surprised to never hear from Sony when I asked a legitimate question. Brand names rely on their past history and expect byes on new products. Sorry Sonny, that’s not me. In answer to your question, I couldn’t reliably upload it to a single device, much less. – (Sony WH-CH520 Review)

Q: What is the setup process like and convenient for seniors? A: Hi there, . Thanks so much for your question! Without a doubt, yes. The Sony WH-CH520 wireless headphones are designed for ease of use and convenience for all individuals. Simply turn the headset on, set up the Bluetooth connection, and use the button on the right side of the headset or use the attached headset Additional Information: These headphones offer a quick start guide that provides simple and clear steps for setup and use.

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