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The Philips SHP9500 Review – Great For Natural Sound

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If you’re looking for the absolute star in terms of the sound performance delivered by the headphones, the Philips SHP9500 might be the best choice. In this review, we will discuss the main features of the Philips SHP9500 headphone system. We’ll look at their best sounds, learn how they make you feel comfortable, and how they affect the overall quality of the music.

Come with us for the journey as these high-end sound effects live up to the hype, giving professional users the same musical experience as the phones they use. Philips SHP9500 headphones are the best music for your senses. These headphones take things to the next level with their open-back design. You are approached with musical sounds that make you feel alive with your surroundings. The part that passes through your ears is like a soft cloud, so it makes listening to music more enjoyable for longer than it is difficult.

Philips SHP9500 Review: Specifications

  • Type: Over-ear headphones, open back
  • Driver size: 50mm neodymium driver Frequency range: 12 – 35,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 101 dB
  • Maximum power output: 200mW
  • Connectivity: 3.5mm stereo, gold-plated Cable length: 3m (9.8ft) detachable cable
  • Cable Type: Oxygen free copper
  • Earcups: Deluxe Breathable Earcushion
  • Price: Click Here>>
  • Headband: Two-layer headband
  • Weight: 320g (unwired)
  • Comfort Features: Self-adjusting headband, lightweight design
  • Compatibility: Works with smartphones, tablets, and other audio devices It is not a foldable design
  • Controls in line: None
  • Microphone: Nope
  • Isolated sound: That’s less, thanks to the open design

Philips SHP9500 Review: Pros and Cons


  • Great sound
  • Simple type of phones
  • A design with no fence
  • Lightweight and breathable


  • Not enough big booming sounds

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Philips SHP9500 Review: Some Comparison

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Philips SHP9500 Review

Philips SHP9500 Review

Philips SHP9500 Review: All Of Features

The Philips SHP9500 earphones really play music to our senses. These headphones have an open back. Not only does it set them apart from the norm, but it almost puts you in a soundtrack as if it were tangible or real. The earplugs are like comforting clouds, gently holding your ears and making listening to music for long periods of time a fun activity rather than an effort. Being the powerhouse behind the sound of the SHP9500, it features 50mm neodymium drivers. These are excellent players and they play every note with a deftness that leaves you in awe. These headphones don’t need 32 ohms to work well with a wide range of devices.

These produce great sound from almost any device you use, including phones and laptops. It’s like listening to a concert with your ears – either using headphones on your phone or expensive audio equipment. Now, we need to talk about the mysterious sound interference that occurs in audio-related groups. People are getting excited about the possibility of a new SHP9500 that can connect to Bluetooth. Imagine the freedom of wireless, with signature sound quality along with the SHP9500.

Although purely speculative, the concept generates a lot of excitement for a headset that stands out. The SHP9500 not only looks good, but also has a sturdy and stylish design. The smart headband is a wonderful idea. It ensures a perfect fit for all head sizes and chooses no bias at all. Removable ear plugs make for easy cleaning which is an added comfort zone. They just don’t look good or work great but that’s still important.

The Philips SHP9500 Review Rating: 4.1/5

Philips SHP9500 Review: Design and Comfort Quality

Let us first show you what it looks like. The SHP9500 has a cool and very simple look. The open-back design is not only beautiful, but it also has practical benefits. This creates a larger and more natural area for sound to reach. The combination of black and silver materials on the headphones creates a fresh, stylish and high-end look. The quality of the building is commendable.

The headphones are sturdy, but not too heavy. This makes them ideal for long-term use. Going comfortably, the SHP9500 is really great in this area. Soft ear cups on the headphones cover the ears, making them comfortable. This is good because you won’t feel pain when you spend a long time listening to them. The earplugs of this product have a mesh insulation that allows ventilation, preventing overheating. This makes it easier to use over a long period of time.

You can change the hairstyle you use, which gives you a gentle stroke. This means it will work well for people with different head shapes. One key part that makes it so convenient is the lightweight design. The SHP9500 is easy to put on your head with minimal discomfort. Even if you wear it for a long time, you won’t feel bad. They are fun to play or listen to music all day.

Philips SHP9500 Review

Now, let’s talk about what’s flying. The SHP9500 comes with a 3.5mm plug that can be easily removed. This makes it more rewarding in a variety of ways and gives you extra freedom. Rolling the wire to the right size gives you less room to move. However, we have to keep in mind that the lack of built-in controls might not be ideal for people who like to use their hands quickly. Also, the plateless layout allows you to hear the music better. But it can make noises in quiet places that can be disturbing to people nearby and uncomfortable when used in close proximity to others.

The Philips SHP9500 Review Rating: 4.5/5

Philips SHP9500 Review: Audio Quality

Philips SHP9500 Review

Now, let’s start looking at how the Philips SHP9500 headphones sound. It’s a topic that music lovers and people of all walks of life are eagerly waiting to talk about. The SHP9500 sounds good and works well for a wide range of users. The earphones deliver excellent sound, clarity and detail. They play very high notes but also mid-range notes with low notes.

The open top design creates a great feel and helps you feel in the music. It makes for a really enjoyable listening time because your whole environment is filled with great music. One important point is the control of leaks in the SHP9500. Even though the headphones are designed to allow the ears to hear outside sounds, they don’t let in a lot of music.

This means you can listen to your music without disturbing the people around you. They are also good for locations. The leak break is really good for setting hidden sound interest, whether indoors or in public.

The SHP9500 is excellent because it takes a lot of music with ease and will accommodate all types of music. These headphones provide sound that works well for the nuances of older songs and even modern songs with strong vibes. The SHP9500 is extremely flexible, so you can use it anywhere from classical to electronic music. Simply put, using advanced audio makes listening to music much better. You can hear all the little details in your favorite songs and it makes it sound so much better.

It has to be said that the SHP9500 won’t give you much bass if you just want a great sound at low frequencies. The bass sounds OK, but not very loud. People who like big bass sounds want more punch than their music. These preferences are not the same for everyone and those who prefer a clear sound that adds balance to loud bass may be pleased with how the SHP9500 sounds.

Philips SHP9500 Review: About Durability

Let’s see how well the Philips SHP9500 earphones hold up. People love these big headphones because they sound amazing. Upon closer inspection, it’s clear that the SHP9500s are solid and well-built. Made from a mixture of metal and plastic, the mesh around the head conveys a strong feel. The part of the headphone that goes into the ear canal is mostly made of plastic, so it remains durable and comfortable. Parts of the design that weren’t prone to breaking or fraying weren’t a problem.

Some people have reported small leaks at the ear cup contact after prolonged use. Some people are concerned because the sound can deteriorate over time. Having a cord that you can salvage helps because if it breaks, the cord is usually the first thing that is done. This will delay the whole thing over time. Philips seems to have figured out the importance of replacing parts when necessary. This larger main ensures better headphone life and usability. The ear parts on headphones are comfortable and tend to fit well for many people.

Sometimes, when people use the padding too much, it doesn’t feel as soft and comfortable to touch anymore. For people who wear headphones all day, this can be a minor issue. However, it doesn’t messes up the overall good look. You can replace ear masks which can help those who need to feel softer or notice deterioration over time. They give you a new version of this when you use it more.

The Philips SHP9500 Review Rating: 4.5/5

Philips SHP9500 Review: About Usage Scenarios

The Philips SHP9500 earphones symbolize a lot of functionality. They offer a complete experience in all types of use cases. If you’re serious about sound, play a game that requires headphones or you just like consistent music – these headphones have something special to offer. The SHP9500 is fantastic for people who enjoy listening to music.

The open design gives you a spacious and natural sounding space. Every detail of your favorite music, he hears it perfectly. Clear treble, strong midrange, and strong bass make it great for good listening. The easy-to-wear design of the headphones allows you to listen for hours without getting tired. It’s great for when you want to delve into your favorite music. Gaming enthusiasts will consider the SHP9500 a great addition for good. The clear sound design makes you feel part of the computer game world, making it even more enjoyable.

The lightweight construction makes it comfortable, perfect for hours of gaming. The cable, which can be removed with a 3.5mm plug, works well on sports systems. For everyday use, these headphones smoothly transition from your home setup to out-of-home activities. The simplicity and elegance is very modern. Comfortable ears allow you to wear them for long periods of time without discomfort. The portable rope makes things easier, allowing you to store and move hassle-free.

The Philips SHP9500 Review Rating: 4/5

Philips SHP9500 Review: Should Buy?

Choosing to buy Philips SHP9500 headphones really depends on your preferences and needs. If you want headphones for music lovers that also have space sounds and clear highs, then the SHP9500 is a perfect choice for those things. The open-plan exterior design contributes to a great listening time. This makes them ideal for focused moments with only music.

If you love sports, these headphones are great because they sound nice and smooth when you use them for long periods of time. They can make your game even better! An easy-to-use design and detachable wire with a 3.5mm jack make it easy, and you can connect this gear to a variety of gaming setups. For everyday use, the simple, cool look of the SHP9500 coupled with easy-to-breathe earbuds make them great for long-term use.

The detachable cord makes it easy to set up and carry around. When making a choice, consider your needs and what works best for you. Also consider how much you have to spend. In short, the Philips SHP9500 headphones are a good choice with many happy customers. However, you should double check that it is what you want before buying it.

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